Resources for the 64th Regiment of Foot

Member Handbook

The Member Handbook: This handbook represents a general guideline for the members and recruits of the Major’s Company, 64th Regiment of Foot, Ltd. The handbook contains articles defining the purpose of the Company, rules and regulations governing the unit, and the authenticity guidelines which set the parameters of our impressions of the soldier and woman on the ration in the American Revolution.

Distaff Handbook

The HM 64th of Foot Distaff: This handbook further expands on the guidelines and information for the Distaff reenactors. These wives of the soldiers, both great and small, formed the backbone of the travelling village that represented the 18th century British regiment.

The Soldier's Knapsack

Our comrades in arms, represented by the 33rd Regiment of Foot, have provided significant research into the 18th century goatskin soldier's knapsack of the type adopted by the 64th Regiment of Foot.

Cocked Hat Pattern

As new research becomes available, we continue to seek to improve the accuracy of our impression. The cocked hat is to be made from black wool felt, with white worsted wool tape edging. Black tape should be used to cock the hat. The cockade should be made from black horsehair and sewn down and attached with a regimental button. The point of the hat is to be centered over the left eye when properly worn and cocked. The brim of the cocked hat should be cut to 4” front back and sides and 4 ˝” in width along the edges.

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